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15 March 2021

Local Councillor and Senedd candidate Mia Rees has written an opinion piece for ConservativeHome, explaining why the Government should close the final tampon tax loophole and scrap the VAT on period underwear. Read it here and share on social media to show your support for the campaign.

8 March 2021

At a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee about Environmental Tax Measures, Sarah Olney MP raised the issue of the 20% tax rate currently levied on sustainable, reusable period pants. Catch up with what she said in the clip below.

3 March 2021

#ThisTaxIsPants responds to the Spring 2021 Budget

Kristy Chong, CEO & Founder, Modibodi said, “We’re frustrated that the Government continues to exclude sustainable period pants from its revised tampon tax definition. In order to progress its environmental goals and reduce period poverty in the UK, the Government should be providing a level playing field for sustainable period pants and incentivize choosing sustainable products, rather than creating financial barriers. As it has previously stated ‘sanitary products are essential and should not be taxed’, we look forward to them coming good on this and removing the VAT from sustainable period pants.”

1 March 2021

Watch Natasha Piette-Basheer, Environmenstrual Campaign Manager at the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) explain why WEN is backing #ThisTaxIsPants, and why you should too!

25 FEBRUARY 2021

#ThisTaxIsPants were featured in UNISON’s February Equalities Bulletin this morning. With more than 1.3 million members, UNISON is one of the largest trade unions in the UK, and is Europe’s largest public service union. We are delighted that UNISON has shared our petition and template MP letter with their membership. If you’d like to support the campaign, why not sign our petition and write to your MP to let them know you back axing the tax on reusable period underwear?

22 FEBRUARY 2021

Ahead of the Spring Budget and International Women’s Day, #ThisTaxIsPants have released an open letter to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the Government, calling for the removal of the tampon tax from sustainable and reusable period pants. The open letter has received nearly 30 signatures from environmental, health, and women’s organisations. Read it here and share on social media to support the campaign.

19 FEBRUARY 2021

Read Modibodi founder and CEO Kristy Chong in BusinessGreen, making the case for removing the VAT on reusable, period-proof underwear. Despite the fact that these products are cheaper than disposables over the course of their lifespan, with period poverty on the rise, putting a premium VAT on period pants drives people towards cheap, disposable, less environmentally-friendly period products. We think this is a big mistake – if you agree, share the article on social media and let us know why you support #ThisTaxIsPants.


#ThisTaxIsPants was featured in national student news outlet The Tab. Have a read to find out more about why the Treasury’s decision to tax reusable period underwear at the same rate as champagne and private jets makes no sense – and what you can do about it.

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