About Modibodi

Modibodi® is modern, protective apparel created to give all bodies more confidence and comfort, and a more sustainable solution to disposable hygiene.

I started Modibodi® in 2013, with the mission to break taboos, open minds and offer a reusable, sustainable option for sanitary and leak proof products that are not just for women – but for the benefit of all bodies on this planet.

From day one, I knew that our long-term business strategy must go beyond simply becoming successful commercially, we wanted to change lives of women around the world, and I want to urge others to follow suit.

This is why our business philosophy is based on empowerment, liberation and education by providing a more convenient, comfortable and sustainable solution that gives them sustainable alternative to start the conversation around taboos. The taboo surrounding ‘unmentionables’ is something that we are constantly trying to get everyone to engage in and destigmatize such as menstruation, incontinence and perspiration. Dialogue and conversation with action needs to happen for wide scale change to manifest itself, and it is now more important than ever.  

An extension of this philosophy is to support the issues around women’s health and rights across the globe. In the UK, we’re partnered with Bloody Good Period, an organisation dedicated to fighting Period Poverty through providing “a sustainable flow of menstrual protection for those who can’t afford it”. As a business we’ve committed to donating 300 pairs of our underwear each month to Bloody Good Period’s donation hubs.

We have also launched a flagship “Give a Pair” programme, which aims to provide community members with Modibodi® underwear that is sustainable and reusable.  Every purchase helps a woman in need. We donate to charities locally and globally, and to date we’ve have donated over 22,000 pairs of underwear and we are committed to donating over 1,000 pairs per month.

On a large scale, to really fight against the crisis which we are facing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must recognise the importance in raising awareness of issues such as period poverty, and take active and direct action as a collective to combat it in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s simply through raising awareness, influencing the political agenda to recognize the debate as important, or donating funds or resources, every action counts.

If each business committed a portion of their time or resources towards a cause that helps fight this crisis, the results would be unfathomable. Why wait?

Kristy Chong
Founder and CEO