Diamonds, private jets and champagne are. So why are some sanitary products subject to the same tax as luxury items?

What is the Tax?

The Tampon Tax is a 20% tax which is applied to all luxury goods, including sustainable period underwear. Whilst the Government has announced that it will remove this tax on some period products including disposable pads and tampons, it has not done so for sustainable period underwear.

Period underwear has the capacity to drive fundamental change for the environment, significantly improve the quality of life and period dignity for millions of people around the world who may be struggling to access bathrooms or suffer a disability, whilst reducing waste and contributing positively to body confidence. Data shows that there is a strong growth in the demand for period underwear, and yet the government is failing to recognise how vital such products are in helping to overcome major issues like climate change, not to mention disabilities and sport related needs, it is important that UK residents have a choice in electing to use reusable period pants and not feel like they are being penalised with a tax.

Let’s get this TAX axed

We’re working hard but we need your help.

Together, our voices can cause change and together, we can move illogical Government legislation and help the climate at the same time.

Use the hashtag #ThisTAXisPants across digital and social media and ask your local MP to support the cause.

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Feel free to be creative but if you would like a template to work from:

@[MPhandle] periods are not a luxury, nor is supporting sustainable products. Help us to stop #periodpoverty, provide choice and to remove the #tampontax. Please use your voice to axe the tax on sustainable period pants #ThisTAXisPants #tampontax #periodpoverty #modibodi @Modibodi @Bloodygood_



We’ve been engaging with MPs and are pleased with the support we’ve seen so far but we need to go further. MPs need to see that this is something which their community cares about.

Email or write to your local MP and ask them to get behind this. Speaking to your individual MPs is the best way to win hearts and minds.